Mockup image of the Atelier Mode De Vie website in desktop, tablet, and mobile format

Atelier Mode De Vie

The Brief

Our client had been developing a range of non toxic luxury lifestyle fragrances, delivered using non toxic 100% Soy Wax Candles, Reed and Car Diffusers, and selling them through her successful hair salon in Port Stephens.

The brief was to develop an eCommerce option to enable the business to expand beyond a local market and to position Atelier Mode De Vie as a market leader in bespoke fragrances.

Ultimately the site will cater for retail and wholesale customers.

Our Approach

Unlike competing sites the focus with this one is on the scents. The Customer journey involves first selecting a scent then choosing a vessel, like a candle or diffuser, for it to be delivered in (I’ve tried two of these now, trust me they’re awesome).

So, from an eCommerce site context, which typically lists products in their respective layouts and categories, the scent is not a ‘product’ it is the key element of the purchase but the actual item you buy is the vessel it comes in.

We built the site on WordPress, using WooCommerce for its flexibility, Stripe as the payment gateway, and at this stage simple flat rate shipping.

We developed a custom post type for scents, a custom block to display them. Other than that the rest of the site is a quite simple implementation of WordPress and the GeneratePress theme.

The Result

The site went live on November 10 2021. It met the initial brief and it has given us and our client the platform to now build the marketing and growth strategy.

With minimal use of plugins it is nice and fast.

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