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Bricoleur Technologies

The Brief

The Client came to us seeking to build a website that was representative of their rapidly expanding Salesforce Consulting business. They had attempted to build their website themselves but, as is common in these situations, a growing business, and the number of Client projects, was taking priority.

Their key priority was to demonstrate experience in Salesforce consulting by displaying the logos of all the Clients they had worked with.

They provided the basic color scheme based on their logo. They plan to market the business organically at this stage as it’s growing steadily.

Our Approach

After several design iterations and working with the Client to establish a direction we settled on a clean, minimalist design that achieved the desired short term objectives, and set us up for ongoing development.

It was the first site, after our own, where we embraced WordPress’ new Gutenberg editor in preference to using site builders. Although the editor is rapidly evolving we found it easy to work with and quite suitable for layout.

The Result

The site went live on October 20, 2020.

Using the Gutenberg editor satisfied the Clients need for a simple, clean, and easily maintainable site that loads fast.

The Clients business has been going from strength to strength with a steady stream of Salesforce clients and projects.

We found working with core WordPress, and the Gutenberg editor, was not only the right choice in terms of the overall performance of the site. We like the fact that it significantly decreases the overall payload.

With the a nice subset of core, premium, and custom blocks we are able to do everything we previously relied on site builders for.

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