Google Account Access

How to give access to Google Search Console and Google Analytics

Two essential things we’re going to need from you when we assist with your Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO ) are access to your Google Analytics account, and your Google Search Console.

The great news is you don’t have to part with, or share, your personal access details, you can simply allow third party access to the accounts. Here’s how;

Google Analytics

Step 1 — Login

Sign into your Google Analytics account.

Step 2 — Admin

In the left side menu, down the bottom, click Admin. You will be presented with a screen that looks like this.

Step 3 — Choose the account

Select the account you want to provide access to.

Step 4 — Account User management

Select Account User Management from the left column. This will open a window that enables you to assign account permissions to third party accounts.

Click the blue plus button and add the email address for the account you’re providing access to ( we will provide this to you privately ). If we’re managing things for you we will need edit access. Be sure to check the Notify new users by email checkbox.

Note: Some accounts have multiple properties. In this case you will also need to follow this process from the Properties column. The column to the right of the Account column. Use the Property User Management link in the Property column to assign access.

Google Search Console

Step 1 — Login

Sign in to your Google Search Console account.

Step 2 — Select the account/site

On the top left corner you will see a drop down list of the available accounts. Select the site you wish to grant access to. Then, in the left side menu, towards the bottom, select Settings.

Step 3 — Add User

In the panel that opens you will see Users and permissions, click on this.

In the next panel select Add User. Add a valid Google account email ( to manage things for you we will need Full permissions ) and click Add.

Following these easy steps allows you to provide us with secure access to your Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts so we can assist with your SEO.

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