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Morris Automotive

The Brief

The Client came to us after a protracted and negative experience with a turn-key website provider servicing the automotive industry. The turn-key situation, as is common, had locked him into a situation where the slightest change was costing too much, taking too much time to fulfill, and often with unsatisfactory results.

He needed our assistance to disengage him from the turn-key solution, build a new site, provide ongoing hosting and website support, and he needed it done quickly as the turn-key solution was up for yearly renewal.

Our Approach

Working alongside the Client’s marketing representative we sourced content from the existing site. The Client provided all the images for the site.

Given the very short time-frame and limited budget we opted to use a commercial theme ( 2021 update: we don’t do this these days ). We adjusted the theme to suit the Clients requirements, entered the content after some revision, and ensured the site matched his branding.

We assisted him to get his email set up on Google Workspaces, after transferring his domain into our management console.

We hosted the site on our Australia based servers.

The Result

The site went live in July 2018.

We’ve been maintaining and hosting it ever since.

It continues to serve the Client well.

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