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Mr Cheap Demolition

The Brief

The Clients requirements were pretty simple with this site. The client needed a site, they weren’t familiar with the technology of the web, they had very little content, but they needed a site to position themselves as affordable demolition and asbestos removal experts.

We would be developing the site alongside a connected third party who would manage the process, provide the content, and ultimately do the marketing.

Our Approach

With a limited budget and short time-frame we opted to use a commercial theme for this project ( 2021 update: something we don’t do these days ).

We molded the content into the theme, sourced images that supported the content and launched the site on our Australian servers.

The Result

The site went live in July 2018.

It has been running steadily since then and has positioned the client well for expanding his business through Goggle My Business and Facebook.

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