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Rebecca Saunders-Smith

The Brief

Rebecca came to us after finding it difficult getting the time and focus to complete her website, a project she had started herself. The brief was to create a site that incorporated both her transformative life coaching, and her acting career, and ensured that the two fields had some interrelated context.

Rebecca plans to market her coaching business herself. Her acting is keeping her busy and in demand.

Our Approach

We were pleased that most, if not all the content and assets required for the site already existed in the previous site.

We took a keep it simple approach to the design in order to keep the site looking fresh, and loading quickly. It is built using core WordPress and the Gutenberg editor, the colors were selected by Rebecca, the typography is simple and effective.

We’ve hosted the site on our fast Australia based servers.

The Result

The site went live on March 15th 2021 meeting all Rebecca’s requirements. She has been able to easily make edits to content herself, adapting quickly and easily to the Gutenberg editor.

In the essence of full transparency, and for those who may have made the connection, yes Rebecca is family. With her background and connections she had a lot of choice when it came to website development. We’re honored that she gave us the opportunity to build and maintain her site.

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