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The case for minimum viable product.

There’s nothing like a deadline to get things moving!

I’ve been designing and developing WordPress websites in Newcastle since 2012,  but the one site that hasn’t had any love was my own business site, this one. The previous site being hastily put together in a short timeframe, then neglected in favor of client work from then on. It was a fair representation of where we’ve been, not where we’re heading.

I’d put some effort into the logo and branding but putting the site together kept getting shuffled down the priority list. Until the problem, and its associated deadline emerged.

Although I’ve been working with WordPress exclusively, and familiar with the WordPress community I’ve never attended a WordCamp so I made it a priority to attend WordCamp Sydney this weekend ( 16th and 17th November 2019 ).  The old site would have been embarrassing to say the least, I had a week to get something up that represented the business.

Typically our web design process involves consultation, discovery of business needs and wishes, a new design and branding cycle, a development phase, deployment to production, then ongoing hosting maintenance training and support. There was no time for this.

So I decided to take a minimum viable product approach and get something up that would provide a good platform for rapid iteration and allow the site to evolve. Websites don’t, and shouldn’t remain static.

The site has to meet the minimum criteria;

  1. Be built on pure WordPress, using just the Gutenberg editor, no theme builders.
  2. Have a statement of what we do as a business.
  3. Provide a means by which clients can start a new project.
  4. Provide contact information.
  5. Have a privacy policy and terms of use in place.
  6. At least one blog article.

The site you’re on now meats all this criteria, is a representation of where we’re heading, and is nicely positioned to evolve rapidly. Now I can enjoy my experience at WordCamp Sydney.

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