We love challenges and seeing WordPress web design projects come to life.

We’re experienced in technical, and customer support, we’re nerdy, fascinated by WordPress development, capable communicators, dedicated to building powerful platforms for growing businesses.

Design is more than skin deep.

More than looks, design has to have purpose and function. Good strategic design solves business problems, and achieves defined goals.

Design matters. Good design affects customer perception, establishes trust, credibility and confidence. It can’t just look nice, it must actually work to trigger emotion and compel customers to take action.

We keep it simple, focusing on what matters most, what you need, what you don’t, we understand the problem, evaluate the landscape, the possibilities and constraints, and offer solutions that meet client and customer goals.

Illustration of person conducting a WordPress web development design sprint.
Illustration of designing WordPress content

Creativity through collaboration.

Great ideas come to life through quality execution, which in turn relies on the quality of the people behind it.

When it comes to WordPress web design close collaboration between our clients and the people working on your project is the key that turns good ideas into great ideas. Quality collaboration combines client business knowledge with our technical and strategic understanding to create exceptional results.

Before we start on design we get to know you, your brand, and your business. We get to know your objectives, goals, and challenges, so we can combine form and function into a compelling customer journey.

We love WordPress!

We’re pretty keen on WordPress and have been developing solely on the platform since 2012.

We enjoy open source WordPress because of its flexibility, it extensibility, and the fact that our clients own their website in its entirety. It puts them in control, and ownership, of their content and allows them to publish from anywhere, at any time.

We appreciate WordPress’ huge global community. There’s always someone who’s solved a unique business problem, developed a plugin, or is there to provide inspiration when needed.

An illustration depicting a person reviewing a WordPress web design.
Illustration of a connected world

Newcastle and beyond.

We live and operate from the Charlestown area of Newcastle. Our clients are all over Australia, and beyond.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to establish and promote your online digital foundation. We can be found working from our home studio, or local shared workspaces.

What we love about today’s technology is it allows us to work from anywhere we have a connection, it’s cost effective and efficient, and it allows us to engage resources (talented people) from anywhere.

So, who’s we?

‘We’ is primarily Damian Saunders, the founder and principal designer and developer at WebFoundations. For most projects you will be working directly with Damian, for larger projects, depending on budget, scope, and requirements, we have a pool of experienced resources we engage for everything from design, WordPress development, copywriting, SEO, search and social marketing.

If you’re interested in working with us get in touch.

Damian Saunders is WebFoundations Managing Director, principal designer and developer, and manager of day-to-day operations.

From the early days selling and supporting digital musical and recording equipment, through large scale enterprise IT managed services for companies like Fujitsu, Compaq, and HP, through to fast paced technical support with Apple, Damian blends creative, technical, and business talents with an understanding of Customer support gained through solid experience.

WordPress web design and WordPress development combines Damian’s creative and technical talents with the attention to detail that highly functional websites demand.

When he’s not working on websites he enjoys spending time with his young family, chilling out with Yoga, trying to improve his surfing, and enjoying the beautiful beaches and scenery the Newcastle area has to offer.

Damian Saunders

Managing Director, Designer, Developer

“We believe that looking good only solves part of the problem. Design must function to get attention, establish credibility, and guide a customer on a journey that establishes the trust necessary to take action.”

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