Discover ( the brief )

This is the part of our process where we delve into what you want with your site, why you want it, how that solves your business problems. We will ask a lot of questions, some of them might be a little uncomfortable, they should be, it’s our job to ensure you don’t just get a website, you get one that performs.


Here’s where we take everything we’ve learned in the discovery process and get creative. These steps ensure that by the time we get to build the site we know exactly what we’re building. We have the blueprint.

Site Map

We map out all the pages and sections of the site, essentially the customer journey, or flow through the site.

Style Guide

We build the Branding, Colour, Typography, User Elements like Buttons, Forms, and Icons that will be used in the site.


We put together all the basic page structures, including the content we have, making sure it all flows nicely.

Final Design

Here everything comes to light. It’s the fun and creative part of the process. We complete the design as, or as close as feasible, to the finished site. Once approved we start the build.


When the architects have done their work the builders step in. Armed with the detailed design blueprint we go quiet for a couple of weeks, sometimes longer depending on the complexity, and do the technical work of building and testing the site, getting it ready to launch and show off to the world.


Once everything is built to your satisfaction we deploy the site to our fast servers, or yours.


Ok, cheesy headline, we know, but here’s where we put the effort into the return on your investment in your site ( ROI ). Our Care Plans keep your site up to date, secure, and enable us to evolve the site as your business grows and changes. Our marketing programs aim to position you as a leader in your chosen niche.